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June 12, 2019

Today I want to talk about a short but very valuable subject, "The Importance of Having Time for You". I always emphasize that we live in a very agitated world, people are always rushing,  there is little patience, a lot of social pressure and competition and we want to see results in whatever we do fast, but, believe it or not all of this can make people live with a high level of stress and anxiety so I think that is why we should ALL find a moment during the day which I like to call "My Little Zen Moment" to implement techniques that help us relax and bring a better quality of life.


Hoy quiero hablar sobre un tema corto pero muy valioso, "La Importancia de tener tiempo para ti". Siem...

January 21, 2019

Everything in this universe is made of energy vibrating at different frequencies and therefore I am a true believer that being aware of our current situation and thoughts is essential for us to be able to keep our energy at the right frequency. If we are in a positive state of mind, our energy will be vibrating at a high level of frequency and on the contrary if we are having some negative thoughts then our level frequency is low. Energy attracts energy so if we are in a positive state of mind we will attract things we desire in our lives and how we vibrate creates our reality. Based on all this, I think we are connected with the universe and therefore doing a Full Moon meditation and taking a...

January 9, 2019

Photos by @2kpictures

Who doesn’t love fresh new beginnings? I think we all do and the beginning of a new year serves as the perfect opportunity to hit the reset button and re-evaluate what we want to accomplish as an individual, analyze the areas in our lives that we want to improve and to set new goals for the coming year. For me this is what New Year’s Resolutions is all about and once I complete it, it serves as a road-map for the actions I need to take for the following twelve months to follow through my promises. Many people begin with the energy and excitement of the New Year but once time starts passing by they start to lose focus and track and before they know it the year is gone and t...

November 2, 2018

Photos by @2kpictures

The reason I wanted to write this blog post is because I realized even though I try to lead a healthy lifestyle and adopt good healthy habits every day, sometimes it is very easy to lose focus and get off track for whatever reason which can be counterproductive with the progress I have achieved. This is completely normal and I know this happens to many people too and if it has happened to you as well then you know how difficult it is to get back on track. Below, I will share some tips that have helped me get back on track after falling to temptation and deviate from my healthy habits.


La razón por la que quería escribir este blog post es porque me di cuenta de que...

August 28, 2018

Personal development is one of my favorite topics and that is why I am always listening to motivational audios, reading books and learning from people who always try to be better each day and want to have a positive impact in this world. For me, Self-development is key as it is all about understanding who we are, who we want to become and how we can grow and learn as individuals in every aspect of our lives so we can bring out the best versions of ourselves and reach our fullest potential. We all have a purpose in this life and whatever it might be we need to be proactive and everyday do the things that will help us get closer to that purpose, we need to focus on the things that really matter.


August 16, 2018

There is nothing better than exploring Miami and attending the different events offered by hotels and restaurants throughout the city to locals and visitors, this time I had the pleasure to attend the 2018 Tiki-La Tuesday Event by Patrón tequila on August 14th hosted by Broken Shaker at the Freehand Hotel. 


No hay nada mejor que explorar Miami y asistir a los diferentes eventos que ofrecen los hoteles y restaurantes de la ciudad a los locales y visitantes, esta vez tuve el placer de asistir al evento Tiki-La Tuesday 2018 por Patrón tequila el pasado 14 de Agosto el cual fue organizado por Broken Shaker en el Hotel Freehand.

It was all about delicious food, creat...

July 11, 2018

Photos by @stephanie_sunderland

What does it mean to have a balanced life? I believe that everyone has their own answer to this question but for me it is the formula that makes us feel happy and complete and therefore we should focus on the aspects of our lives that make us feel this way. For me, having a balance means focusing on the physical, spiritual, emotional and financial so every day I focus to do things that will feed and affect positively each of this aspects of my life.


¿Qué significa tener una vida equilibrada? Creo que todos tienen su propia respuesta a esta pregunta pero para mí es la fórmula que nos hace sentir felices y completos y por lo tanto, debemos centrarnos en lo...

July 6, 2018

What does a Blogger/Influencer do? This is one of the main questions I receive from family, friends and other people who are not yet familiar with this new industry which has been growing and growing every year thanks to the power of technology and social media platforms. Due to the lack of awareness of this industry and request for tips from my audience I decided to write this post, to explain the difference between a blogger an influencer and how to start being one.

A Blogger is someone who shares their personal opinions, knowledge and point of view in certain topics through a Blog and an influencer is someone with a significant amount of followers in their blogs/social media who has establis...

June 5, 2018

Photos by @kcaphoto, Watch by @kowatches

Time can be a very complex topic and one that probably we will never understand. Some say that "time is an illusion" or "the indefinite continued progress of existence" so thank God time measurement was invented so at least we know how to prioritize our daily actions. We all have the same "time" every day and know for a fact that there are twenty four hours in a day, sixty minutes in an hour and so on, so why there are people who can accomplish more than others in a certain period of time? I believe the answer is in Time Management and the reason for this post is to explain How Time Management Will Help You be More Effective. Time management is a skill t...

May 7, 2018

Photos by @liaselfridge

Who doesn’t want to be happy and live life to the fullest? I believe that everyone is seeking to be happy, however, it is important to understand that happiness is an emotional state that is usually derived from doing or achieving things that makes us feel good, therefore, I think that everyone’s happiness is different from each other and that is why I wanted to write this short blog post to share with you what I believe is The Perfect Combination to Achieve “True Happiness”: Follow your Dreams and Do What you Love!.


¿Quién no quiere ser feliz y vivir la vida al máximo? Creo que todos buscan ser felices, sin embargo, es importante entender que la felicidad es un...

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