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Daniella Duque Blogger/Influencer

About Me

Who is Daniella Duque?

​Blogger/Influencer and content creator specialized in Influencer Marketing. Born in Cartagena, Colombia but raised in Cali and Mexico City. Her personality has been shaped and influenced by the cultures of these two beautiful countries. A Passionate, Positive and Grateful individual who enjoys the treasure that is Life and who wants to spread love and make a positive impact in this world. An Adventurer who enjoys discovering new places, loves fashion and exercise and doing things that will improve her quality of life.

Why a Blog?


It all started with a simple question. What do I wish I spent more time doing? For me Life is about enjoying every moment and opportunity to the fullest on a daily basis and do the things that one is more passionate about.  I decided to create this blog to share my three biggest passions (Fashion, Health & Fitness and Traveling the World) and for people to see Life Through my Eyes! My purpose is to inspire people all over with the experiences that life provides me every day.



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